Exceptional Teaching Arrangments

If you have a medical referral for Exceptional Teaching Arrangements (ETA), the ETA Coordinator will visit you and your parents at home to arrange dates and times for teachers to meet you.  Teaching will normally take place in the local library or other community venue.  Where possible, you will be taught alongside a small number of other young people.  In exceptional circumstances, you may be taught at home.

The ETA tutor will contact your school and will try to work on the same topics that your classmates are working on in school.  This means that you should not fall behind with work while you are absent from school.  All teachers in Belfast School have a C2k managed laptop with a wide range of software titles and this will be available to you during the tuition session.  Teachers also bring iPads for your use during the sessions.

How do I get a medical referral?

Your medical consultant or CAMHS worker can make a referral to ETA using form ETA1.  Referrals from GPs should be accompanied by medical evidence from the hospital consultant/CAMHS.