Have you ever stayed in hospital?  What is it like and who are the people who work there? 


Click on the video and George will show you around the children's hospital.  

Now try some of the activities on this page to help you learn more about hospitals and the people who work there.

Resources for Teachers
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Teddy Bear Hospital

Teachers can organise an one-hour interactive session delivered by medical students from Queens University Belfast.


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Talking to your child about coming into hospital

The thought of coming into hospital might be worrying for children so please tell your child, and any brothers and sisters, as much as they can understand before the hospital admission.

Try to be clear and honest

  • Tell your child as much as you can about what will happen

  • Use simple words

  • Answer any questions truthfully

  • Try to make the experience positive by telling them about the hospital

  • You might be able to arrange a visit prior to the admission date so that your child can see the ward and meet staff

  • Explain to them that other children will also be at the hospital and how they might make new friends. 

When should I tell my child?

This will depend on your child's age. 
Toddlers may not understand time. Tell them at least the day before so that they understand they are coming into hospital.

Pre-school age - tell them at least a week before as they may enjoy 'hospital play'

Older children - give them as much time as possible. They may need time to think things through and want to ask questions.  They may want to bring their favourite toy and school books with them.