School In Hospital

Children and young people who are admitted to hospital for periods of 3 days or more may be taught during their stay.  The hospital school operates in the RBHSC, the RVH, Musgrave Park Hospital and Belfast City Hospital.  Teachers liaise with the home school to provide continuity of education for these young people.

Who comes to school?

Everyone who is school aged, likely to be in hospital for three days or more and feeling well enough.

Where does school take place?

Each ward has a classroom area and teaching takes place Monday - Friday from 9.30am until 12.00pm.  The classrooms are equipped with C2k desktop computers and C2k laptops.  On some wards the teacher will teach at the bedside, whereas in other wards the children will be able to come to the classroom.  A teacher may be available in the afternoons on some wards.

The teachers work closely with the nursing and medical staff as well as the child's own mainstream school to ensure that the child is able to keep up with his/her school work while in hospital. Video links and VLE links can be set up with the child's mainstream school to help minimise the disruption.

How can parents help?

If your child is going to be in hospital for a week or longer, contact the child's own school and arrange for work to be left for that period.

  • Bring the child's school books to hospital

  • Tell your child about the hospital school so that they know what to expect.

  • Talk to the hospital school teachers so that they are aware of  your fears and expectations

  • E-mail your queries/comments to the Hospital School using the "Contact Us" link

Click here to download a copy of our "Patient Teaching" leaflet.

What if my child can't return to school after a stay in hospital?

If the consultant has said that your child will be off school for a protracted period of time after their hospital stay, the ward teacher can make a referral for home tuition.  Ask the ward teacher for more details.